Denis Private Island, Denis Island

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Most of the resorts in the Seychelles are stunning, but when you have an entire island to explore – such as Denis Private Island – you’ll have an experience that is unrivalled.

This island is just a small speck in the archipelago, but it’s a stunning place to stay and explore. It’s only 375 acres wide, but there are white powdery beaches, azure waters and thick tropical vegetation to discover.

If you visit here you’ll be completely secluded from the wider world; you’ll get a real castaway vibe that brings with it a wonderful sense of freedom. Use this visit as a chance to explore nature and simply relax – you won’t regret it.

There are 25 cottages on Denis Private Island and the thick vegetation between them provides a real sense of privacy.

Each of the cottages are made in the traditional style with locally-carved wooden touches in the furnishings and as part of the cottages themselves.

All of the cottages sit right on the beach and have open-air bathrooms. It truly is a destination you’ll never forget.


One of the island’s main aims is to preserve this beautiful natural environment. It’s home to several conservation programmes that you can join in with during your stay. Your visit will help protect birds, turtles, and even giant land tortoises.

After a day of conservation efforts, you’re going to need to unwind. Head to the spa and try one of the treatments using locally-grown ingredients.

Why We Love It

A trip to Denis Private Island brings a level of magic and intimacy that you just don’t get at busier resorts. It’s a great chance to escape reality for a few days, so don’t miss out!

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