Madikwe Hills Safari Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve

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The Madikwe Hills Safari Lodge is perched on a rocky outcrop right by a waterhole in the Madikwe Game Reserve. It’s the perfect spot for animal viewing and offers a little bit of luxury to its visitors. The reserve itself stretches across 75,000 hectares and is home to all of the ‘big five’. Go out on a game drive for the best chance of seeing lions, buffalo, elephants, rhinos and leopards as well as wild dogs, cheetahs, kudus and giraffes. Bird lovers will also enjoy it here; there are over 300 species hidden among the trees.

Each suite is detached and spread out, so you can be sure you’ll have some privacy while staying at the Madikwe Hills Safari Lodge. The suites are glass fronted to give you the best chance of seeing the animals at the watering hole. It might take a while to get used to, but trust us; it’s worth it! Each room also has its own private plunge pool. Cool off in there during the hotter hours and watch the animals go by.


To get to the rest of the lodge, you’ll have to walk across wooden walkways. They will lead you to the lounge, bar, wine cellar, library and dining area, so it’s definitely worth exploring.

If you don’t fancy eating in the dining area, eat outside in the bush for a more intimate experience, or on your own private veranda.

Why We Love It

Madikwe Hills Safari Lodge is a luxurious place that’s still very close and true to nature. It offers the best of both worlds to all that visit it.

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