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Madikwe Game Reserve is currently the fifth largest in the world, so you can be assured that there’s plenty to see and do here. It’s also one of South Africa‘s lesser-known attractions, meaning you’ll be able to visit without having to fight your way through huge crowds of tourists. Although it isn’t particularly popular with tourists, it’s been considered one of the best conservation areas in the whole of South Africa – so you’re certainly in for a treat!

The land on which the reserve now exists was once used as farmland; however, it was discovered that the soil wasn’t as fertile as believed. A plan was then made to turn the land into a reserve for wildlife, with the hope also of improving the economy in one of the region’s poorer areas. In 1991, over 10,000 animals were transferred to the reserve, which consisted of the likes of elephants, rhinos, leopards and lions. Now, you’ll find over 80 mammals, 300 species of bird and over 100 varieties of trees and plants.

One of the reserve’s most notable species is its wild dog population, made up of three packs which roam freely and are often known to approach the safari vehicles – providing some great photograph opportunities. You may decide to travel into the reserve by a private car, but you must bear in mind that there could be restrictions if you choose to visit the reserve without a guide.

The reserve is located on the basin of the Marico River, and if you stay in one of the lodges on the site you’ll get spectacular views of the valley and Dwarsberg range. The best time to visit the reserve is between the months of July and October, when there is less chance of rainfall. During these months, you’re also more likely to spot animals as they make their way to the waterholes to keep cool. Visiting outside of these months will still make for a great trip however, as there’s plenty to discover in terms of the fantastic scenery and flora and fauna.

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