Motse Camp, The Kalahari

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Situated on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, Motse Camp is just one of two lodges on a vast piece of land, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll bump into other travellers during your stay.

Sitting underneath the Korannaberg Mountains, you’ll be in your element here if you’re looking to get away from it all. ‘Motse’ means ‘village’ in Tswana and this is just how the camp looks. The camp is made up of nine roomy and secluded lodges or ‘legae’ (meaning ‘little house’ in Tswana).

All suites have both indoor and outdoor showers with en-suite bathrooms and a private sundeck with rattan chairs for you to enjoy the sunset in the early evenings. There is an open fire for those chilly nights, a separate dressing area and complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the camp.


The main house is where you’ll get first-class views of the Savannah. There’s a large heated swimming pool just outside, as well as a small spa for ultimate relaxation. If you’re a wine fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the lodge has its own cellar, fully stocked with some of the finest local wines.

On arrival you might want to have a private consultation with a member of staff, to get some advice on the best activities in the area suited to your personal taste. Ideas include exploring the local villages, going cheetah-watching or even hopping onto a game drive to see a wider selection of wildlife.

Why We Love It

We love it for its stunning Kalahari Desert position and cosy lodge-cabin interiors. A stay of just a few days here is sure to become a highlight of your South-African adventure.

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