Elephant Hills Lodges, Khao Sok

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Within the Khao Sok National Park, you’ll find the exclusive luxury tented camp of Elephant Hills Lodges. Perfectly combining African-style camping with the stunning Thai rainforest, experience the beauty of Southern Thailand.

Staying at Khao Sok is an all-inclusive experience from accommodation to tours and evening dining. With everything taken care of for you, all you have to do is immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings of Khao Sok, and enjoy!

Dedicated to the welfare of elephants, this isn’t a place to come for a tourist-driven elephant ride. Here, the elephants can be washed, taken care of and interacted with, without the dangers and distress of many other Thai elephant experiences.

When you’re not with the elephants, find yourself canoeing down the river, wandering around the markets and hiking through the rainforest to discover deserted beaches. A trip to Khao Sok Elephant Hills Lodges is one that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Choose between two camps; the Elephant Camp and the Rainforest Camp and find yourself inside a luxury tent, tailor-made to create the most amazing experience for guests. Inside the tents, you’ll find the modern luxuries of a large bed, luxurious bathroom, and all your expected hotel amenities.

When hunger strikes, the semi open-air restaurant offers a social atmosphere within the depths of the rainforest. With our fully stocked bar, enjoy cocktails at sunset in one of the most beautiful locations in Thailand.

The temperature drops at night, so cuddle round the open campfire and exchange travelling tales with friends both old and new. Experience the wild side of Thailand at the Khao Sok Elephant Hills Lodges.

Why We Love It

We love it for its unique accommodation options and incredible, memorable surroundings.

Plan your stay at the Khao Sok Elephant Hills Lodges today.

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