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Khao Lak is known for its rugged beaches and relaxing atmosphere. The area has bounced back from the devastation that hit this part of Thailand during the 2004 tsunami. It was rebuilt within a couple of years thanks to thousands of volunteers coming together and helping the process.

Khao Lak is unusual for Thailand in that it’s a beach destination on the mainland, rather than an island or a ‘Koh’ as the Thais would say. For us, what makes Khao Lak a fantastic option is that it’s not too busy, and not too quiet. There’s a small strip of bars and restaurants near Bang Niang Market and a few chilled out beach bars where you can unwind with a cold drink with your feet in the sand.

Hat Pakarang and Hat Bang Sak are beautiful beaches surrounded by dense mangrove and rubber trees and great options for those who enjoy having the run of the place.

The classic day trip from Khao Lak is taking a speedboat out to the uninhabited Similan and Surin islands. One of the finest places for snorkelling in the Andaman sea. You’ll find lots of marine life, ranging from ghost pipefish to yellowtail barracuda. If you head towards Mu Ko Surin you might even see a leatherback turtle lounging in the coral reef.

Another option is to hire bikes and ride out to Sai Rung (“rainbow”) waterfall. In the right light, you can see all the colours of the rainbow flowing through it.

Khao Lak is a great escape from Phuket; it’s just 70 km north of the busy beach city but you feel like you’re a world away. You could even head out a little further and see the Khao Sok National Park. It’s home to Asian elephants and is the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world.

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