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Damaraland is one of the most stunning natural locations in the whole of Namibia. Here, you’ll discover untamed flora and fauna, miles of mountains and winding rivers. No matter when you choose to visit, you’re destined to be blown away by the striking sights and scenery Damaraland has to offer. Even if you’re a seasoned traveller who’s used to an adventure or two, this destination is bound to end up one of your firm favourites!

Visitors to Damaraland are treated to incredible landscapes of ancient water courses and deep gorges. Venture a little further west and the landscape changes completely. Here, you’ll find sandy deserts with excellent wildlife spotting opportunities. The area is home to rare black rhinos, springbok and ostriches. However, the main attraction has to be a potential sighting of the rare deserted adapted desert elephant. Damaraland is one of only two places in the world where these can be found.

The canyon itself has many unique sights that are well worth a look whilst on your hike. Twyfelfontein has one of the largest concentrations of rock art in Africa. In ancient times, wildlife was attracted here due to the small spring, and you can still see the marks left by hunters on the rocks. These engravings are carved into shapes that resemble elephants, rhinos, giraffes and other animals.

In 1952, Twyfelfontein was made a national monument for visitors. Currently, around 2,500 engravings have been discovered here. To get a real insight into this attraction, we recommend you get the assistance of a guide; and do tip generously if you can, as this is often their only source of income.

The Spitzkoppe (otherwise known as the ‘sharp head’) is one of Namibia‘s most recognisable landmarks. It’s actually the remains of a volcano, and was first hiked in 1946. These days it’s a popular destination for climbers.

Damaraland is a must for travellers hoping to gain a real insight into the naturally rugged regions of Africa.

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