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Khanom is well off the main tourist route and far cry from the busy beach resorts found in other parts of Thailand. Most tourists have no idea that Khanom exists. Instead they go to the nearby jungle-topped islands. Granted, we too tend to recommend Khanom as an overnight stay before hopping on a ferry to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao.

Squeezed in between Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat, Khanom is a sleepy fishing town with a beautiful white-sand beach. It hasn’t been touched by large corporations; most of the shops and restaurants are independent and sell lots of local produce. This means you can really indulge in the authentic Thai seaside culture while staying here. You’ll have a much better experience than staying in the more sanitised resorts.

Hat Thong Yi is the best beach in the place. It has fantastic views of the gulf’s blue waters and a couple of small restaurants where you can get a refreshing drink and some delicious local food. Remember, just because you’re on the coastline doesn’t mean the land is flat here. Khanom isn’t that far from Dat Fa Mountain – it’s not really made for tourists so it’s a real challenge. This means the trail is usually pretty quiet, so it’s the perfect spot for taking a few pictures of the wonderful sea view.

All that climbing will probably make you a little hot and bothered, so head to the Samet Chun Waterfall afterwards. Jump in the pools and look out over the coastline as you swim. There’s nothing quite like it. Another must-see in Khanom is the Khao Wang Thong Cave. Follow the string of lights through the caverns and passageways and see where they take you.

You can also take a boat trip out to see the pink dolphins. They’re beautiful creatures and the main reason why there’s no jet-skiing allowed in this area!

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