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The Khaudum National Park is an underrated but amazing national park just north of Nyae Nyae. The area is made up of dry woodland savannah, open plains and wild riverbeds – making for a distinctive landscape.

There are several permanent waterholes in the Khaudum National Park that are a huge draw for game animals during the dry season. This means that you’re almost guaranteed to see some native wildlife during your stay. Some of the most common animals you’ll spot are tsessebes, roan antelopes and red hartebeest. There are also several predators roaming around such as lions, spotted hyenas and wild dogs. However, the most impressive thing that Khaudum National Park has to offer might be its elephant herds. Hundreds migrate here each year from Botswana. Records show that you could see up to 300 round a waterhole if you’re lucky!

It’s tough to make your way through the park as most of the journey is over deep sand or mud. If you’re not confident exploring this area on your own, visit Khaudum National Park on a day-trip from Nhoma Camp or Tsumkwe Country Lodge. A guide will take you through the terrain and help you spot all the animals.

This park is a great place to explore nature; there is a huge teak forest and you might even spot a baobab or two. The thick vegetation makes wildlife viewing tricky in this spot, but not impossible. However, you’re guaranteed to spot one of the 320 species of birds that call this place home. The huge ground hornbill is a sight you won’t forget; they’re as big as a turkey.

Enjoy this time to get closer to nature and see some wonderful creatures along the way.

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