Mudumu and Nkasa Lupala National Park, Namibia Plan a trip

The Mudumu and Nkasa Lupala National Park is every animal lover’s dream. It stretches over 1,000 square kilometres, so has several distinct environments that Namibian wildlife can call home. During your stay, you’ll explore the dense savannah, mopane woodlands and even the Kwando River which sits on the western border.

Two reserves have been brought together to make this national park: the Mudumu and Nkasa Lupala. Mudumu is known for its wildlife and Nkasa is known for being the largest wetland area with conservation status in Namibia. Several channels, reed beds, oxbow lakes and islands can be found in this part of the park. The good rains in the past few years, combined with local conservation efforts, have helped the flora and fauna here thrive.

Wildlife watching is an absolute must for visitors to the Mudumu and Nkasa Lupala National Park, and you’re even likely to spot the rare sitatunga and red lechwe. Look in the water and you’ll find creatures such as spotted-necked otters, hippos and crocodiles. On a game drive, you’ve the chance to see elephants, impala and Burchell’s zebras. However, Mudumu and Nkasa Lupala National Park is best known for its buffalo. Huge herds roam the park – something that’s pretty much unheard of in Namibia.

Like the rest of eastern Caprivi, this is also the perfect place for birdwatchers. Keep an eye out for white-rumped babblers and lesser jacanas. Once you’re done with animal watching, you could head to the Lizauli Traditional Village. Here, you’ll learn more about the local Lozi culture and discover a few local crafts.

Sadly, Mudumu National Park has a history of environmental abuse and neglect. Hunters used to patrol killing most of the big game and trampling the environment. Nowadays things are beginning to turn around and hunters have been near eradicated from the area. It will take years to get the Mudumu and Nkasa Lupala National Park back to its former glory, but you can already see the huge efforts the locals have made to protect their environment.

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