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Drive through the scorched plains of Sesriem and Sossusvlei for an hour, and you’ll find yourself right at the bottom of the Naukluft Mountains. They’re the perfect spot to explore on your way back from the nearby dunes. And, what you see here might just surprise you. As you’d probably expect, the climb from the gravelly plains of Central Namib to the Naukluft Mountains is dramatic and intimidating. However, the view from the top is spectacular.

The Tsondab, Tsams and Tsauchab rivers have all cut through the landscape to create ethereal gorges, caves and springs just waiting to be discovered. It’s a hiker’s paradise, so make sure you bring your sturdiest climbing boots. Walking through the Naukluft Mountains is an experience you’ll never forget. The rocky outcrops jut out at you from all angles and the deep valley rivers will take your breath away. It’s challenging terrain that’s best for experienced hikers, but it’s well worth the climb. You might even spot a few animals on your way.

Baboons, kudu, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, steenboks and klipspringers all call this place home. There are leopards roaming through these valleys too, but you probably won’t see or hear them. However, you will definitely hear the chorus of the 200 bird species that live in these mountains. Keep an eye out for Rüppell’s parrots and the rosy-faced lovebirds.

Once you’ve walked all that way, you’re going to want to cool off. So, take a dip in the freshwater springs. You’ll come out feeling refreshed and ready to continue your journey. Everything about a visit to the Naukluft Mountains is refreshing. The air is clear and calm, and you may not meet another person the whole time you’re out there. It’s a solitary and peaceful spot, because few travellers brave the climb up the treacherous mountain paths. This will make your time at the top even more special.

Make sure you stop long enough to take in this serene and stunning landscape. Then take a moment for yourself and watch the sunset over the mountains. It’s the best way to appreciate the beauty of this incredible place. The Naukluft Mountains should feature on any hiker’s itinerary in Namibia. You definitely shouldn’t skip it.

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