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The perfect getaway to escape the crowds, Ngapali Beach offers that tranquil atmosphere you dream of. Best-known for its unspoilt white sands and towering coconut palms, it’s the perfect spot to kick back, relax and forget the stresses of everyday life. With its name bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Italian city of Ngapali, this resort is thought to be named after Naples by Italians who longed to be back home (but we can’t vouch for the veracity of that claim!)

Unlike some other Asian beach resorts, Ngapali Beach is far from the typical tourist-orientated destination you’re probably familiar with. You won’t find any rowdy bars or clubs here, nor will you bump into persistent hawkers. Ngapali Beach isn’t made up of a single beach as its name suggests, but actually consists of a number of beaches and small fishing villages stretching from Mazin to Lontha on Mayo Bay. Although the beaches are the main draw, there’s still plenty to do here during your trip.

Whilst some will be perfectly content enjoying the sands and sunbathing under the coconut palms, others may wish to see more of what the resort has to offer by taking on a few activities. The most popular pastimes include trekking, snorkelling and fishing around the bay, taking a cruise to nearby Thandwe or golfing. The resort is extremely good for water sports – especially kayaking around the crystal-clear waters.

Most of the food you’ll find here has been caught fresh from the sea, therefore if you’re a seafood fan, you’ll be in your element. A local dish that comes highly recommended is the prawn curry.

As Ngapali is a beach resort, you won’t need to worry much about transport, as everything is within easy reach. However, if you’re craving a little independence and wish to explore more of the area, motorbikes can be rented from your hotel.

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