Mosques & Mee Noddles – Kuala Lumpur on Foot Plan a trip

Time to pound the streets of Malaysia’ capital, Kuala Lumpur, starting with a visit to Masjid Jamek. Also known as Friday Mosque, this is one of the oldest buildings in the city and gracefully sits on the banks of two rivers. Wander around the mosque grounds, learning about Islam in Malaysia and the arabesque influences in its design.

The streets around the Mosque are buzzing and vibrant, where garland makers pedal brightly-coloured marigold offerings. Stop for a cup of traditional tea and Indian snacks, savouring the sweet flavours while discovering more about the Indian-Malay community and their beliefs.

Continue to the architectural colonial heart of old Kuala Lumpur to learn about the past and present uses of these iconic buildings ranging from the late 1800’s to the mid 1930’s. Nearby there is a great viewpoint looking back at the Masjid Jamek. Snap a photo capturing the blend the old and new architecture of Kuala Lumpur.

Wander into the Central Market, a vital hub of commerce for the city’s artisan community. Browse the stalls of local designers and craftsmen while enjoying the buzz of the market place. Learn about the history of this market and how it has transitioned over the years from a wet market into its modern-day commerce centre.

Then cross into Chinatown, the last destination on today’s half day city tour. Explore the vibrant market, ancestral shrines and hidden old shop houses of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinese-Malay residents. This area is also the birthplace of many of Malaysia’s signature culinary dishes, thus making it the perfect place to refuel. Pull up a chair at a popular restaurant and savour a plate of hokkien mee noodles alongside the locals.


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