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Little-explored Rundu sits on the banks of the Okavango River and is known for its intricate wood carvings. Come here to get a taste for traditional culture and crafts and discover local animals such as elephants and buffalo. Rundu is a small centre for tourism in the heart of the Namibia/Angola border region. It has all the essentials – a bank, supermarket, post office and fuel station – so it acts as a great starting point for journeying further into the Zambezi. We’d suggest fuelling up here as you won’t find another petrol pump until you get to Katima Mulilo.

As a town, it’s growing quickly. While the Trans-Caprivi Highway is bringing more people to this area; it’s still mostly untouched. There aren’t even any hawkers here, so you’ll have a truly authentic experience. Make sure you go to the local woodcarvers’ market during your stay. You’ll see the craftsmen selling their wares, and you might even see them on your journey around Okahandja​ as they supply crafts and souvenirs to the rest of the area. You might be able to bring home a souvenir or two from these stalls. If not, try the local fruit and veg; they’re delicious.

Rundu Beach should certainly be on your itinerary. The community comes here to wash, play and party. They often play loud music and dance on the sand, so be ready to join in! Try to visit the Mahangu Game Reserve during your stay. It’s full of wonderful creatures, including crocodiles, hippos, elephants, buffalo and more. If you’re heading that way, be sure to visit the Popa Falls, too. They may not be as big as Victoria Falls, but they’re certainly worth seeing.

Rundu is a stopover point on your way to these two destinations. However, there’s much more to it than just being a place to sleep. The long indigenous history makes Rundu a special spot. This is your chance to see a little piece of Namibian history. Use this opportunity to have a break from your journey across the harsh savannah and gravelly plains. Take a day or two to recharge, then move onto the next step in your adventure. Whether it’s the Zambezi, Grootfontein or Etosha, you won’t be disappointed.

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