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The coastal town of Swakopmund is the perfect place to take a breath and relax on a tour of Namibia. Listen to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean wash against the shore, and spend a few days exploring this historic town. The streets of Swakopmund could easily be from a postcard from the 1920s. They’re lined with palm trees and stunning German architecture that will transport you to the Baltic shoreline. There is a range of quaint shops to explore here; curio, antique and general souvenir stores are the main attractions. You might well find something special to take home with you.

There are some fantastic seafood restaurants that look out over the beach. Thanks to its seaside destination, Swakopmund’s fish is freshly caught each day. The crayfish and Skeleton Coast mussels are simply delicious. Once you’re done exploring the town, head a couple of hours north to the seal colony at Cape Cross. At any one time, there’s usually between 100,000 to 240,000 Cape fur seals playing in the water here.

If you head south of Swakopmund, you’ll discover the stunning lagoon at Walvis Bay. Watch as pelicans splash into the water and the flamingos and avocets wade through the shallows. You should really try kayaking from here to Pelican Point. It’s a calm trip, perfect for beginners, and is a great chance to get closer to nature. Seals come right up to the kayaks, and if you’re lucky you might spot a dolphin.

As you drive around Swakopmund, you’ll see the rippling sand dunes of the Namib Desert. It’s a beautiful sight, and the dunes are a great place for adventure activities such as quad biking and paragliding. The cool town of Swakopmund is a refreshing change from this hot, dry desert. In the morning, the fog rolls in and makes everything a little fresher. It’s no surprise that people from Windhoek come here to get some respite from the desert heat.

Swakopmund​ has a distinct personality, although the German architecture can make it feel similar to Lüderitz on the south coast.  This town is a great base for exploring the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert. However, Swakopmund is so peaceful, you might end up staying here longer than you originally planned!

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