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Sabi Sand Wildtuin gets its name from the two rivers that formed this idyllic spot, the Sabie and the Sand. This riverine bushveld hideaway is perfect for a diverse safari and gives you a great opportunity to see the animals that make this part of South Africa so famous.

Take a guided walk through the trees or go out on early morning and evening game drives. Sabi Sand Wildtuin is a hotspot for leopards, which is not something a great many reserves across Africa can claim. The rest of the big five (lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalo) are all in the area as well as cheetahs, wild dogs and a few species of antelope. Whatever happens, you’re sure to hear the chorus of the local birds. Over 300 avian species call Sabi Sand Wildtuin home. They spread out throughout the grass plains, bush and arid savannah, so keep an eye out. Most are easy to spot as they have bright and beautiful feathers.

Another great thing about Sabi Sand Wildtuin is that the owners restrict the number of vehicles allowed out in the bush. Only two cars can explore the area at any one time, so you don’t need to worry about the animals getting spooked by other vehicles.

During your stay, you can visit the Shangaan community. Most of the staff at Sabi Sand Wildtuin are local Shangaan people, but you can learn more about this ancient culture by visiting their village. Here you’ll see authentic village life at its finest. Visit local hubs like schools and churches, then talk to local people like the sangoma (herbalist) or the village chief to understand the complexities of Shangaan culture.

Sabi Sand Wildtuin is a lot less busy than the main Kruger National Park, but has all the same animals. In fact, some often cross the border of the two reserves. This privacy means you can have a very intimate experience with the animals you see, and there’s no rush to move on so the entire trip is a much more relaxed affair.

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